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The African Music Council is one of the five regional groups of the International Music Council and gathers all members of the IMC in Africa.  As Associate Partner in the AMDP, the African Music Council will be closely associated with the overall implementation of the project, providing intellectual and administrative support. In particular, the AMC will assist with the African Music Rostrum, the capacity-building workshops, the African Forum on Music, publications and the dissemination of project results.









Busara Promotions is registered as an NGO in Zanzibar since 2003. Its flagship event, the Sauti za Busara festival, takes place every year in Stone Town during February. In connection with the festival editions of 2014, 2015 and 2016, Busara Promotions will organize the following AMDP activities: offer 2-months work placements for African young festival workers, host students from the partner universities in Kenya and Uganda for 2-months internships, offer hands-on training for Tanzanian festival workers and bring experienced trainers to Zanzibar to develop the skills of its own festival team and guest trainees.

For more information: www.busaramusic.org/organisation/organisation.php


The Feux de Brazza International festival of traditional music will send members of its staff to AMDP training sessions (work placements and workshops). In the framework of its 5th edition in August 2014, Feux de Brazza will organize a workshop for young directors of music festivals in Western, Central and Eastern Africa. On the same occasion, it will host students and young festival professionals for a 2-month work placement within the festival team. Feux de Brazza will also take part in the implementation of the 2014 African Music Rostrum.

For more information: www.starducongo.com/feuxdebrazza/


The European Music Council is one of the 5 regional groups of the International Music Council, bringing together all members of the IMC based in Europe. It therefore acts as a stakeholder for the European music sector incorporating all kinds of musical genres on many different levels. As AMDP partner, the EMC will ensure the participation of African music professional in two editions of its European Forum on Music and take part in the organization of capacity-building workshops for African music organisations.

For more information: www.emc-imc.org/


Music Crossroads Mozambique and Music Crossroads Malawi will take part in the AMDP in the framework of their respective “Music Crossroads Academy” project which aims to provide basic music education and to bridge existing gaps in the music education chain, related to both theoretical knowledge and vocational practice. Our partners will host the AMDP training units in management skills and sound engineering, which come in as an additional strand to the vocational training curriculum of the Academies. In cooperation with the IMC, the Music Crossroads partners will take part in the selection of trainers and trainees.


Our Associate Partner, the University of Hildesheim in Germany, offers to send faculty members to African universities for lectures, workshops, seminars and curriculum development. Faculty from the University’s Centre for World Music would focus on “Safeguarding Traditions as a Base for Music Development”, whereas faculty from the Institute for Cultural Policies at the University envisages the theme of “Infrastructures for music landscapes, music and cultural diversity and cultural policy tools” for their visits to African universities. In turn, the University of Hildesheim would welcome faculty staff from African universities for the same activities and as ‘researchers in residence’.

Students from the university will be sent to short-term study visits with African music festivals, such as Sauti za Busara.

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The University of Hildesheim, in particular its Institute for Cultural Policy which hosts the UNESCO Chair “Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development”, will organise an International Conference on Cultural Policy Research in 2014. In cooperation with another Associate Partner, the Observatory for Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA), the University of Hildesheim and the IMC will secure the participation of African scholars in this conference.

For more information: www.uni-hildesheim.de/en/uni/ – ocpa.irmo.hr/index-en.html


The Makerere University (Uganda) will involve its Departement of Music, Dance and Drama department in AMDP through an exchange of students and staff with another AMDP partner, the Technical University of Kenya. Moreover, it will send students outside of the country for short- and long-term internships with African festival organisations, such as AMDP partner Busara Promotions.

For more information: mdd.mak.ac.ug/


The School of Creative Arts and Technologies of the Technical University of Kenya will exchange students and staff with AMDP partner Makerere University. Moreover, it will send students outside of the country for short- and long-term internships with African festival organisations, such as AMDP partner Busara Promotions.

For more information: http://scat.tukenya.ac.ke/


The Regroupement des professionnels des arts et de la culture d’Afrique centrale (REPAC) is the organization behind the biennial music market “Le Kolatier”. It will host a young African music student for a 4-month internship leading up to and including the November 2014 edition Le Kolatier. This edition will also organize a training session for festival workers and host a capacity-building workshop for French-speaking African music organizations.

For more information: http://www.le-kolatier.org/