After four fanstatic years,  the African Music Development Programme has officially ended in 2017.

The impact of the project was huge for both partners and beneficiaries: dozens of students from all over the continent have increased their skills and enlarged their horizons, technicians have learned from each other’s skills, IMPACT Music Conferences have offered a platform to share and discuss important topics such as women in the music industry, new technologies and partners have enlarged their network and established new connections.

During its life, AMDP has created new synergies with key partners such as the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity, True Africa, Insitut Francais and Music in Africa just to mention some of them.

We are glad that some of the AMDP actions are now fully implemented by the partners and the International Music Council is still working every day to empower the music sector and promote the Five Music Rights !

Talking about the future, the International Music Council has just elected the first female president ever: Emily Akuno from Kenya…amazing coincidence right?