The African Music Development Programme, a cooperation project implemented since 2014 under the leadership of the IMC with the support of the European Union and the ACP Group of States, is still expanding its participants’ network and enhancing its commitments after three years of activity.

Following its main goal, the strengthening of professional capacity within the music sector in Africa, AMDP has lately increased its capacity building activities by supporting student exchanges, internships and professional trainings.

Currently, AMDP facilitates a sound engineering training, addressing young professionals from Uganda, that will take place during the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts in Kampala, Uganda from 12th to 18th of September 2016. Led by two Kenyan professional sound engineers, this vocational training will give the participants the chance to explore new approaches towards their current work, but also offer them the possibility for professional and personal exchanges.

Recent actions also include the offer of a 2 months’ work placement at the Timitar Festival in Agadir, Morocco, to young Ghanaian professional Edna Kankam, who was selected after a call for applications published on the social media. This internship has been made possible thanks to the strong commitment of the Timitar Festival and its director Brahim el Mazned, and the well working network between cultural institutions across the African continent that has been tied during the last years.

In cooperation with AMDP partner Music Crossroads Mozambique, a further event of importance is the music management course to be held in Maputo from 19th to 25th of September. Led by Portuguese Carlos Bartilotti, manager of the Angolan artist Paulo Flores, it will enable students of the Music Crossroads Academy as well as professionals from outside to understand relevant management issues in the field of music and arts organization.

With the same goal of giving an introduction to management in the arts, two students from the Technical University of Kenya and from the Makerere University in Uganda have been given since mid-August a deep practical insight into the organization and the work around and during a festival during their internship at the Shoko Festival in Zimbabwe. Again, these internships are enabled by the cooperation between various African universities, festivals and the IMC.

Shoko Festival is one of AMDP’s new music festival partners and joins the network of institutions that have been – in cooperation with AMDP – encouraging students by offering them working possibilities in the field. AMDP looks toward the future, and it is this innovative pilot project of student exchanges and internships at renowned music and arts festivals that will be the main subject during the Stakeholder meeting in Nairobi in mid-October. The conference will bring together the core members and partners of AMDP with the aim of discussing further possibilities to continue these activities in the long term and seeing this internship programme being included in some of the universities’ curriculum. At the same, time, a strong commitment from a network of African music festivals across the continent will be sought. The combined efforts of all stakeholders will serve the overall objective, which is to support and train the next generation of African music professionals.

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