In the framework of the 5th edition of « FEUX DE BRAZZA » and with the support of AMDP the regional group of the international Music council – the African Music Council (AMC) organized the 11th session of the African Music Rostrum. The African Music Rostrum was initiated in 1975 and is bound to provide greater recognition to the music of the African continent by means of the radio. It does not only take into account the continent’s diversity and the wealth of musical traditions as a whole, but also the various popular and art music styles which tap into these traditions. This is a competition which is open to every musician and music institution and association in Africa. The music could be submitted in one of the following categories:

  • Traditional African music
  • Urban popular music
  • Folk music
  • Western classical music
  • Experimental music

Last year’s secretariat received 56 entries. A pre-selection by the Technical Secretariat of the Rostrum led to a shortlist of 21 entries in 3 categories which was submitted to the appreciation of an international jury composed of:

Josephine MOKWUNYEI (Nigeria), President
Felicité BOSSIBIAKA (Congo)
Joe TABULA (Uganda)
Tony VAN DER EECKEN (Belgium)
Fred ZINDI (Zimbabwe)

Finally two prizes were granted:

  • Category African traditional music: AGLANME JAZZ by Don Metok (Benin)
  • Category Urban popular music: SITYA LOSS by Eddy Kenzo (Uganda).

The two artists will be promoted by the AMC over the next years.